Using the toolbar in R3DS Track, you can load and save projects, undo and redo recent actions, activate licenses, and also perform actions with the viewport and the selected mode. The toolbar is located at the top of the R3DS Track window.


If any toolbar action has a hotkey, it will be displayed next to the action. Most hotkeys can be edited directly with the hotkeys settings file.


Hotkey Settings File Path





The file appears first time you close the R3DS Track application.

  • New Project - closes the current project and creates an empty untitled one.

  • Open Project - loads an existed project in .track format.

  • Recent Projects - opens a list of recent projects. You can specify the max history size in the settings.

  • Save Project - saves the current project in .track format. Exact saving format (Binary or ASCII) can be set in the settings.

  • Save Project As - saves the project with a new name.

  • Exit - closes R3DS Track.

  • Undo - undo the last action.

  • Redo - redo the last undone action.

  • Mode - submenu with modes. You can also switch to any of the operating modes using the keyboard shortcuts 1, 2, 3, 4. Depending on the mode, some additional action will be added to the Edit menu.

  • Preferences - opens a preference dialog.


Each tab has its own action history, and they can be undone/redone independently.

  • Panels - submenu, which contains R3DS Track panels: Viewport, Timeline, and Mode Editor. Panels can be dragged, dropped and rearranged. Restore Layout resets their positions to default.

  • Fit To View - fits viewport to the current frame’s border.

  • Reset View - moves viewport to the current frame’s center and resets zoom to 1.

  • Adjust View Parameters - opens the view parameters dialog, which allows to edit viewport gamma, contrast and brightness.

  • Reset View Parameters - sets gamma, contrast and brightness to default values.


In Track and Detect modes, this tab has additional options.

  • Changelog - shows the changelog dialog with latest changes.

  • License Info - shows the status of your current license.

  • Activate License - opens the license activation dialog.