Command Line Interface

You can run Wrap3 from the command line. To do that run Wrap3Cmd.exe file from the directory where Wrap3 is installed.

First argument is a command you want to evaluate:

wrap3cmd <command>

To see a list of supported commands type one of the following:

wrap3cmd -?
wrap3cmd -h
wrap3cmd --help

Type -?, -h or --help after a command name to get a help on a specific command.

wrap3cmd <command> --help

After the command is computed the process exits with one of the following codes:

Exit code 0


Exit code 1

Invalid arguments

Exit code 2

Failed to compute

Exit code 3

Invalid license

Supported Commands:


Loads a project from a *.wrap project file and computes the node-graph for a specific frame range.


The node-graph is computed in rendering mode so that all Saving nodes write data to files. A Wrapping node also performs wrapping regardless of auto-compute option.


wrap3cmd compute <projectFile> [options...]



a path to a project file *.wrap. If the file name contains spaces please use double quotes.


--startFrame, -s

Sets the first frame of the rendering sequence. If not set, start frame is assumed to be 0.

--endFrame, -e

Sets the last frame of the rendering sequence. If not set, end frame is assumed to be equal to the start frame.


wrap3cmd compute "C:\Projects\Project.wrap"

Will compute the node-graph at frame 0.

wrap3cmd compute "C:\Projects\Project.wrap" --startFrame 1

Will compute the node-graph at frame 1.

wrap3cmd compute "C:\Projects\Project.wrap" -s 1 -e 7

Will compute the node-graph starting from frame 1 to frame 7.