Node-Graph Editor


Everything you do inside Wrap is working with nodes: creating nodes, connecting nodes and changing node parameters.

Node-Graph Editor Navigation

Click and drag a middle mouse button

to pan

Click on a node

to select it

CTRL + click on a node

to add the node to selection

Click and drag

to lasso-select multiple nodes

Use mouse wheel

to zoom in/out

Create a Node

To create a node press the Tab key or the Right mouth button inside the Node-Graph Editor to show the list of nodes and select a node type you want to create.

Node-list menu contains all the possible node types you can create. Node types are grouped in several sections: Geometry, Image, Selection, Alignment.


If you start typing a node name, you will see a look-up menu of nodes. Press Enter to select the best match.

Connect Nodes

In order to connect two nodes press LMB on the input/output of the first node and drag the cursor to the output/input of the second node.

Alternative way is to click and release LMB on the input/output of the first node, then click and release LMB on the output/input of the second node.

Each node can have several inputs and exactly one output. Each input is associated with a specific type (Geometry, Image, PolygonSelection). Every type has a unique color, for example Geometry is blue and Image is green.



Hold the cursor over a node input to see its name and type.

Disconnect Nodes

Right-click on a connection curve and from the pop-up menu click Disconnect.


Check a Node Computation Status

Each time an input of the node or a node parameter is changed the node is recomputed.

If the computation fails, you will see a warning sign on the left of the node. If you click on the warning sign or hold the cursor over it, you will see the an error message.


Check a Node Info

If you click the RMB on the node, in the context menu you will see the Node Information action.


Clicking on the action will display a node information dialog which has some useful information about the node such as: a number of vertices or polygroups in the mesh, flags displaying whether the geomety is manifold or not, etc.


Rename Node

Each node has a unique name. Select a node and click F2 to rename it. Alternatively, click RMB on the node and select Rename from the context menu.

Change 3D-Node Visibility

Each node like LoadGeom that renders itself into a 3D-viewport has a lamp sign. Click the lamp sign to turn on/off the node visibility inside 3D-viewport.


CTRL + click on a lamp sign to toggle exclusive visibility inside 3D-viewport. The node will become visible while the rest of the nodes in the node-graph will be hidden from 3D-viewport.