NodeIcon ProjectScreenPoints

Only in Wrap4D

The node projects screen points onto a mesh surface through a camera. It can be used to project tracked markers from R3DS Track back into 3D space to be used in wrapping.

Since ScreenPoints store points in a normalized (-1 to 1) format, the node requires to specify a resolution to perform projection. In fact, the node only needs uses the resolution to compute the aspect ratio.


ProjectScreenPoints node has a visual editor with two viewports. The left viewport displays the result of the projection of the screen points onto the mesh. The right viewport displays the same result through the camera view.



Geometry Geometry to project points to


ScreenPoints Screen points to be projected


Camera Camera to project through


NamedPointsOnTriangle Array of named points on triangle


Use Camera Resolution

is set, the camera resolution will be

Camera Width

image width to perform projection. In case of tracking points in R3DS Track, it should be the same width that was used for tracking. In fact, the width and height are only used to compute the aspect ratio

Camera Height

image height to perform projection

Show Point labels

if set, points names will be visible in the editor

Fail On Mistrace

if set, the node returns an error if any of the points can’t be projected onto the mesh