NodeIcon RepairGeom

Converts a non-manifold geometry to manifold. A very useful tool to check and fix both basemeshes and scans. The node detects and repairs non-manifold cases on both geometry and UVs.

Repair steps:

  • Remove invalid polygons

  • Split edges between unoriented polygons

  • Split non-manifold edges

  • Split singular vertices

  • Remove isolated vertices

Find out more about non-manifold topology here.


Some nodes in Wrap like Wrapping, SubdivideGeom and DecimateGeom only work with manifolds. Use RepairGeom node to fix non-manifold geometry.


The RepairGeom node has an editor that displays number of “bad” vertices, edges and polygons and highlights them in the viewport with corresponding colors.




Geometry Non-manifold geometry.


Geometry Manifold geometry.