NodeIcon VertexMask

Allows painting a vertex mask on a mesh. The mask can be loaded or saved to a file

The vertex mask stores a floating value in range 0 to 1 for each vertex of the mesh.

Vertex masks can be used with Brush, MixGeom, ProjectGeom and OpticalFlowWrapping nodes.

It is possible to convert a PolygonSelection into a VertexMask using the PolygonSelectionToVertexMask node.


The VertexMask node has a visual editor that allows painter vertex mush on a mesh surface using a brush tool.


Drag with LMB

to paint the mask

Drag with LMB outside the model

to use lasso

[ or ]

to change the brush size

Drag with RMB

to change the brush size

SHIFT + [ or ]

to change falloff

Drag with SHIFT + RMB

to change falloff

Drag with MMB

to change strength

Paint with SHIFT

to smoothing the mask

Paint with CTRL

to subtract from the mask

Press G

to toggle geodesic distance mode



Geometry Geometry to be painted with vertex mask


VertexMask Painted mask



brush radius ranges from 0 to 100 and is computed relative to the size of the model. 0 corresponds to the Min Size Factor and 100 corresponds to the Max Size Factor. Both factors are defined as a fraction of the diagonal length of the bounding box of the editable model


brush strength


brush falloff ratio

Smooth Iterations

defines the strength of smoothing when painting with SHIFT key

No Symmetry

don’t use symmetry


use topological symmetry


use symmetry in X-axis


use symmetry in Y-axis


use symmetry in Z-axis

Use Geodesic Distance

if set, computes the brush influence using a geodesic distance on the surface. If not set, Euclidean distance is used

Min Size Factor

defines the minimal brush size factor

Max Size Factor

defines the maximal brush size factor

Mask color

defines the color of the displayed mask in the Visual Editor

Import from File

loads a vertex mask from a file

Import from Polygroups

loads a vertex mask from a polygroup. A new selection can be added or subtracted from the existing selection depending on the dialog properties

Import from Materials

loads a vertex mask from a material


save current vertex mask into a file


inverts vertex mask


clears the current mask. All mask values will be reset to 0

File format

Wrap can import/export a vertex mask to a text file in JSON format. The format represents a vertex mask as an array of float values for each vertex.

[ 0, 0.1, 0.7, 1 ]