Wrap4D Change Log

Wrap4D 2021.11.3

Released November 2021

Bug Fixes

  • In Brush node, fixed crash on changing the symmetry mode.

Wrap4D 2021.11.2

Released November 2021


  • Loading Wrap4D projects from a command line added.

  • In search node menu added more prior to first letters and capital letters. For example, searching for “lg” will quickly find LoadGeom node.

Bug Fixes

Wrap4D 2021.11.1

Released November 2021

New Nodes

IconFastWrapping FastWrapping

works up to 20 times faster than a regular Wrapping node. The speedup is especially noticeable on highpoly base meshes

IconPointDetector PointDetector

automatically detects facial markers on FACS scans. Please check this tutorial to see how this node can significantly speed up the point selection process. This video explains how to set up this node to work with your custom topology

IconUnsubdivideGeom UnsubdivideGeom

restores previous subdivision levels for meshes produced using Catmull-Clark subdivision

IconMatchTopology MatchTopology

matches the vertex order of your model with a given reference

IconFindTransform FindTransform

computes transformation between two models with the same topology

IconSaveScreenPoints SaveScreenPoints

saves screen points to a file

IconPointsToScreenPoints PointsToScreenPoints

projects points on a model to screen space

IconLoadPoints LoadPoints

loads points from a file

IconDeltaMush DeltaMush

moves mesh details from reference geometry to target geometry

IconImageToVertexMask ImageToVertexMask

converts an Image into a VertexMask

IconVertexMaskToPolygonSelection VertexMaskToPolygonSelection

converts a VertexMask into a PolygonSelection


  • In SelectPointPairs node: if you select a set of points on one model, clicking Ctrl+F shortcut will fit the camera to the location of the next point on the second model. Please check this tutorial to see how it helps to speed up a point selection process.

  • Added a tooltip panel at the bottom left corner of the viewport and visual editors. It shows a list of shortcuts supported by the current tool. The tooltips are added to SelectPoints, SelectPolygons, SelectPointPairs, Brush, VertexMask, OpticalFlowWrapping, and PointDetector nodes.

  • WrapCmd and R3DS Node applications no longer require OpenGL. It makes it easier to run them on a farm and machines without graphics cards. The only nodes that require OpenGL 2.1 to compute are the ExtrapolateImage and Render nodes. When running on machines without graphic cards or with no OpenGL 2.1 available, these nodes will return an error.

  • Viewport3D and VisualEditor now support antialiasing.

  • In SaveGeom and SaveImage nodes have a new Create Intermediate Directories parameter. If it’s turned on, the node will create all the non-existing folders in the file path.

  • In SaveFacialDetection node computation can be performed in multiple parallel processes.

  • Render node has a Show Backfaces option.

  • DeletePolygons has an option to delete selected or non-selected polygons.

  • In MixGeom node: the Mask input parameter is now optional.

  • Added commonDir(), projectDir() and galleryDir() Python functions.

  • Improved Temporal Smoothing tool supports Alembic and iterative smoothing.

  • Nodes that have VertexMask as output data type has the ability to save VertexMask from the context menu in the graph editor.

  • When dragging-and-dropping a file into the graph editor a node will take the name of the source file.

  • Improved Preferences dialog.

  • Improved search in node menu.

Bug Fixes

  • In SelectPoints and SelectPointPairs nodes: fixed selection pixel tolerance for 4K screen.

  • In SelectPoints and SelectPointPairs nodes: fixed points selection for transformed meshes.

  • Changing Timeline current frame with Shift now doesn’t force all nodes to recompute.

  • Fixed a bug with saving node colors.

  • In MergeImage node: fixed transparent background bug.

  • In DeletePolygons node: fixed incorrect polygon group mapping.

  • In Wrap4DCmd fixed error tracing.

  • In several nodes, fixed $PROJECT_DIR support.

  • Improved file filters in some nodes that allow to import/export files.

Wrap4D 2020.12.2

Released December 2020


  • When application crashes, it automatically saves its latest state to a crash dump file. A user can then manually send the file to the developers to help them the diagnose problem. The crush dump files can be located at $USERPROFILE/AppData/Local/R3DS/Wrap4D/CrashDumps for Windows, and at $HOME/.local/share/R3DS/Wrap4D/CrashDumps for Linux.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect UV winding order when loading meshes from Alembic files.

Wrap4D 2020.12.1

Released December 2020

Bug Fixes

  • In TransferTexture node the value of V parameter is now interpreted as flipped.

Wrap4D 2020.10.2

Released October 2020

Bug Fixes

  • In SelectPolygons the File Name parameter dialog was fixed so that one can specify a file name for not yet created file

Wrap4D 2020.10.1

Released October 2020


  • MixGeom node has a new Blend parameter. It controls the mix amount between the two models

  • Camera node can now import a camera from Reality Capture and Metashape. For Reality Capture version and earlier the import can be done only from an FBX file. Please check the documentation for more details

  • Camera node has a new Principal Point parameter that allows changing the center of the optical axis

  • Camera node has a documentation chapter about importing cameras from photogrammetry software.

Bug Fixes

  • A memory leak has been fixed in the MixGeom node during loading of files in Draco format. Previously it led to RAM overflow during processing of large sequences in batch mode.

Wrap4D 2020.08

Released 20 August 2020

New Nodes

IconCreateImage CreateImage

creates an empty image object

IconMergeImage MergeImage

merges two images into a single one.

IconReplaceImageChannels ReplaceImageChannels

replaces image channels between two images

IconTextImage TextImage

render text on a transparent image


  • Panel system.