Track Change Log

Track 2021.09.5

Released September 2021


  • In Track mode, showing markers cycles has been added. Method is simmilar to the Point Detector visual editor in Wrap. It can be turned on and off by pressing Z or View > Show Cycles. Cycle colors can be edited in Preferences > Markers > Cycles.

  • In Preferences > Markers several view options has been added. Now is possible to set exact size of marker center and cross lines, as well as hide them.

Bug Fixes

  • In Track mode, the crash on switching to another mode while tracking has been fixed.

  • In Track mode, the bug with markers sudden move to other’s possition, on moving them with the Pattern Window.

  • In Track mode, added a verification dialog for exporting only part of markers.

  • Crash on dropping image file into the opened project has been fixed.

Track 2021.09.4

Released September 2021

Bug Fixes

  • In Detect mode, moving all edit points bug to image top left corner has been fixed.

  • In Detect mode, entering training frames edit mode with mouse double click now shows correct frame.

Track 2021.09.3

Released September 2021


  • Timeline scrolling is now available only while holding ALT key. ALT + LMB or ALT + MMB to pan, ALT + scroll to zoom.

  • Timeline scrolling can now be turned off in Preferences > Timeline > Timeline Scrolling.

Bug Fixes

  • In Track mode, bug of incorrect selecting markers with SHIFT in the list, while several markers are selected in a viewport, has been fixed.

Track 2021.09.2

Released September 2021


  • In Track mode, in View > Show Markers option None has beed added.

  • In Track mode, multiple markers position files can be loaded under Edit > Import. The file names will be associated with the current sequence. You can import files with names Frame###.json into the sequence C:/Images/Frame###.png, for example.

Bug Fixes

  • In Track mode, View > Show Markers menu duplication has been fixed.

Track 2021.09.1

Released September 2021


  • Toolbar menu sections have been rearranged. Now it’s split into fixed File, Edit, View, Timeline, About sections.

  • In preferences tabs distribution has been changed. Now it’s split into Project, Application, Timeline, Track, Markers, Detect, Contours sections.

  • Helping tooltips have been added to the viewport. They show shortcuts for the mouse actions in different modes. The feature can be turned on with Preferences > Application > Show Tooltips.

  • Gamma correction, contrast, and brightness has been added. Selecting in the menu View > Set View Parameters or pressing G shows the parameter dialog.

  • View > Reset View Parameters (pressing CTRL + G) resets gamma, contrast, and brightness to default values.

  • Caching functions have been moved outside the Load mode. Currently, in any mode you can press CTRL + SPACE to cache an active range and CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE to clear the cache.

  • Several hotkeys have been added. Now all of them can be edited directly with a settings file Track_hotkeys.ini. It can be found in a directory with the Track.ini file. It is C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\R3DS\Track for Windows and /home/user/.config/R3DS/Track for Unix.



  • Zooming and panning have been added. Use Mouse Wheel to zoom the range, and ALT + LMB to move the whole range left or right. The current frame number will be moved accordingly. The zoom feature is damped on ranges over 1000 frames.

  • You can now jump forward and backward. Use (CTRL + Right and CTRL + Left, respectively). You can set the number of frames to jump across in Preferences > Timeline.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug that occurred during operations with frames containing more numbers than “#” in Sequence mask has been resolved (ex. file Frame1000 fitted in mask Frame###). Such frames can now be freely played, tracked, and detected.

  • A bug that prevented several tracked frames from being drawn has been fixed.

  • A bug in which drawing on timelines skipped too small frame cells has been fixed.

Track Mode


  • Tracking performance has been improved overall.

  • To improve the speed of initial face annotation, Importing markers have been added.

  • The Analyze Markers feature has been added. It can be accessed through Edit > Analyze Markers. Each marker’s pixel deviation is displayed in a dialog box. By setting the threshold, you can quickly analyze which markers have missed errors. Verifying large sequences is easier now.

  • Markers can now be displayed in different modes. In View > Show Markers, three modes are now available: All (A), Selected Only (S), and All With Same Basenames (B). If no markers are selected, then every marker is visible in the viewport.

  • The Select Next Incomplete Marker and Select All Incomplete Markers functions have been added.

  • The rendering function has been added, similar to the one in the Detect mode.

  • The SHIFT key can be used to select multiple markers when a new marker is created.

  • The previous and next markers can now be selected with the Up and Down buttons.

  • The tracking completeness is now displayed near a marker’s name in the list. It is calculated for the timeline’s active range.

  • Marker trails have been added. It can be turned on in the preferences menu, under Markers > Show Markers Trails. You can also set the number of frames for a trail in Preferences.

  • The rules for resizing a marker have been revised. A new rule cannot produce a situation in which the pattern window is not present in the search window.

  • In Preferences > Track, a new option was added: Tracking With Pixel Rounding. If checked, it forces tracking to be half-pixel precise instead of floating precise.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug that caused the list to scroll to the top on the tracking end has been fixed.

  • Several bugs with list scrolling and marker selection have been fixed.

  • The timeline stacking while multiple markers selected has been fixed.

  • The bug with numerating markers during creation has been fixed.

  • The bug in marker creation, when only selected markers are shown, has been fixed.

  • The bug with Pattern Window loss of focus has been fixed.

  • The timeline freeze bug caused by fast iterative tracking of the next frame has been fixed.

  • The crash when removing a marker has been fixed.

  • The crash when undoing the creation of a marker while moving or scaling it has been fixed.

  • The crash after removing a marker has been fixed.

Detect Mode


  • UI performance was improved in the case of large amounts of training frames.

  • During editing lips keyframes, pressing CTRL + Up will snap the bottom contour to the top one and CTRL + Down will snap the top contour to the bottom. It works both with inner lips and eyelids.

  • During editing, moving a point and pressing the SHIFT key will snap the point to the closest unblocked spline.

  • During editing, multiple points can be moved by holding down SPACE.

  • The view now fits the active splines when looking at the neutral frame by pressing N. Detect can be turned off in Preferences > Detect.

  • Toggle All Training Frames* function has been added, similar to Toggle Training Frame.

  • Multiple training frames can now be removed and toggled simultaneously. Pressing CTRL + LMB in a list will select them, and pressing SHIFT + LMB will select a range.

  • The jumping to the next training frame after removing a training frame can be turned off using Preferences > Splines > Jump to Next Frame After Removing A Training Frame.

  • Inner Lips semantic points count has been adjusted to 3 to match Facial Wrapping.

  • Keyframe export options have been added.

  • The Render Lips flag has been added to the Render options so that filtered data can be used for rendering.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a missing frame number in the list.

  • The display of training frames’ numbers has been fixed.

  • A delay in loading the image while viewing the neutral training frame has been fixed.

  • The dialog with alternative keyframe options can now be canceled.

Track 2020.11.2

Released November 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Import for precomputes and computes has been fixed in the Detect mode. The import became much faster for large sequences.

Track 2020.11.1

Released November 2020


  • In Track mode, you can drag multiple markers holding the SHIFT key.

  • A crash handler has been added for the Windows version.

Track 2020.10.2

Released October 2020

Bug Fixes

  • After hiding unselected markers, the override of the previous data while creating new markers has been fixed.

Track 2020.10.1

Released October 2020


  • In Track mode, you can display only selected markers.

  • In Track mode, the playback speed is improved when working with a large number of markers.

Bug Fixes

  • Loading of grayscale images which caused the application crash has been fixed.

Track 2020.09.4

Released September 2020


  • The timeline maximum limit increased from 10000 frames to 1000000 frames.