Welcome to R3DS Track Documentation


R3DS Track is standalone software that works together with R3DS Wrap4D. Its primary purpose is to track markers on an actor’s face and detect lip and eyelid contours using a personalized detector.

Why do we need R3DS Track?

The program dramatically simplifies and speeds up the processing of 4D sequences. The main idea of R3DS Track is to bring all the labor-intensive work into a 2D space so that you don’t have to sculpt and cleanup models in 3D. You don’t have to be an experienced 3D artist to use it. The results of marker tracking and contour detection are easy to validate and easy to correct.


Architecture and Interface

The architecture and interface of R3DS Track are presented in the form of 4 logical sections:

  1. Loading a Sequence

  2. Tracking Markers

  3. Detecting Contours

  4. Filtering Contours


As a result of R3DS Track computations a user obtains:

  1. A sequence of JSON files containing tracked markers.

  2. A sequence of JSON files containing lip and eyelid contours.