Temporal Smoothing Tool

Generates a sequence Geometry from the Source sequence of Geometry using information of nearest frames. This tool smooths the vertex positions of Geometry for each frame.

To open a tool go to 4D Tools >> Temporal Smoothing.



Source File Mask

Source filepath mask for Geometry sequence.

Target File Mask

Output filepath mask for smoothed sequence.

Frame Range

The range of frames that will be processed.

Num Neighbors

Number of frames in both directions which will affect the current frame.


At least 2 Geometries are needed to run the process.

How to specify a mask

In order to specify a file mask, replace sequence digits in a file path by a hash symbols #.

If your folder structure is simple (for example, D:/CapturedData/Frame0001.obj), you may select a single file using a file dialog. In that case, a tool will try to convert it to a required mask and fill range values automatically.