NodeIcon SaveImage

Saves an image to a file. Only 32-bit per channel images are supported. Compatible formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP.


By default SaveImage node does nothing unless you click Compute current frame or Compute frame range button.



Image Image to be saved


File names

a single or multiple file names to be saved.

Any occurrence of # will be replaced with current frame number during saving.

For example if current frame is 1, “Image###.jpg” will be replaced with “Image001.jpg”


quality of image compression

Create Intermediate Directories

if set, nonexistent directories in the file path will be created

Compute current frame

computes the node at current frame and saves result to file

Compute frame range

opens Compute Frame Range dialog


After clicking on Start button the node computation is started. The node is computed in multiple parallel processed. The number of processes is defined by Process count. The frame range is defined by Start frame and End frame parameters.


If you need to compute multiple saving nodes simultaneously use Nodes >> Compute all from main menu.